Crown-of-thorns Starfish Targeted Control Program


Crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS) are a direct threat to Australia’s $1.5-$2 billion Reef Tourism Industry. Outbreaks of COTS populations are increasing in frequency due to the impacts of degraded water quality along the developed Queensland coast. RRRC links with industry to transfer eradication technologies and build industry participation that will achieve the most effective reduction of COTS populations.


RRRC and Marine Park Tourism Operators are partnering together utilizing the most recently developed culling techniques coupled with advances in dive practices resulting in improved productivity. RRRC’s track record in managing complex projects in a cost effective manner together with the introduction of innovative technology will allow for new options for COTS management.


RRRC’s capacity to link across programs and projects to achieve synergetic outcomes will enable streamline management responses, which will escalate COTS eradication efforts.

Publications to accompany the COTS program can be downloaded here.

RRRC and Marine Park Tourism Operators Join Forces to Help Ensure the Sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef for Future Generations.