11th September 2018

PNG rangers share skills at forum

Two rangers from the Building Resilience in the Treaty Villages (BRTV) program in Papua New Guinea’s southern coastal villages have travelled to Australia to share and gain knowledge at a forum for indigenous rangers. Read more

7th August 2018

Good news for our Great Barrier Reef: Encouraging signs of recovery

There are significant signs of recovery for corals affected by mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. A milder 2017-2018 summer and an alliance between science, industry and government is supporting the recovery of the GBR in many important locations. Read more

9th May 2018

RRRC welcomes $500m funding for Great Barrier Reef in budget

The Reef and Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC), a Cairns-based environmental NGO, has welcomed the announcement of $500 million for Great Barrier Reef protection from the Australian Government in the 2018 Budget. Read more

5th January 2018

Crown of Thorns Starfish control program protecting key reefs from coral-eating predator

Cutting-edge science funded by the Australian government will more than double the effectiveness of a program to protect the Great Barrier Reef from outbreaks of a coral-eating starfish. Read more

7th December 2017

RRRC welcomes funding for Reef water-mixing technology as bleaching season approaches

Preparations for a world-first combination of Queensland’s best science and engineering expertise to defend parts of the Great Barrier Reef from climate change will begin this summer, thanks to $2.2 million in funding from the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy. Read more

23rd October 2017

‘Hero’ rejoins fight against Reef-eating predator

A ship dedicated to countering a serious threat to the health of the Great Barrier Reef and the tourism economy it supports will be heading back out to sea after a two-week refit. Read more

29th September 2017

Divers graduate after joining the fight against Crown of Thorns Starfish

The latest class of divers trained to control outbreaks of the coral-eating Crown of Thorns Starfish will be entering the workforce with an arsenal of specialized skills after graduating at a ceremony in Cairns today. Read more

29th August 2017

Sea Swift helps out in PNG humanitarian effort

Northern Australia shipping company Sea Swift has teamed up with local organisation RRRC Connect to help donate 52 Rescue Swags to help a poverty-stricken region in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Read more

7th June 2017

Campaign to save mothers and babies on Australia’s borderlands

A Cairns non-government humanitarian organisation is reaching out to the Queensland community to help supply a locally-designed ‘smart first aid kit’ to impoverished communities on Papua New Guinea’s borderlands with Australia. Read more

7th April 2017

Crown of Thorns control vessel helps repair Whitsunday reefs after Cyclone Debbie

A crack team of Cairns tourism-industry divers will be helping put the Whitsunday Islands’ coral reefs back together again in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Debbie.. Read more

20th February 2017

RRRC gets major boost as managing director Sheriden Morris appointed chair of CRC For Developing Northern Australia

RRRC’s managing director Sheriden Morris has been appointed the chairperson of the board of directors for the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia, a $75 million body that will assist businesses, governments and researchers to work together to identify opportunities for business and growth in northern Australia. Read more

6th February 2017

Keeping an eye on Big Wet runoff

Every year, major rainfalls in Far North Queensland turn the Barron River and other major watercourses a bright shade of ochre as they pick up mud and silt on their way to the ocean – but this year, scientists and farmers are keeping a closer eye on the sediment-filled waters and their effects on the Great Barrier Reef. Read more

21st December 2016

Efforts doubled in fight against coral-eating foe

Marine managers, scientists and the tourism industry will boost efforts to protect the health of the Great Barrier Reef by culling coral eating crown-of-thorns starfish over the next three years. Read more

19th December 2016

PNG Treaty Villages Pilot extended

The Australian Government is strengthening its support for a group of Papua New Guinea villages located less than 5km from Australia’s northernmost point. Read more

29th November 2016

Tour Industry’s “Sigh of Relief” at Latest Coral Recovery Findings

Queensland’s marine tourism industry is breathing a sigh of relief at the latest scientific assessment of coral recovery from the Great Barrier Reef’s worst ever bleaching event. Read more

10th October 2016

Community Rangers rebuild Mabuadan Hospital

Rangers trained under RRRC’s Treaty Village Resilience Program have rebuilt the derelict hospital in Mabuadan Village, PNG, giving new access to healthcare for the community, particularly women. Read more

2nd June 2016

Key tourism sites escape worst of coral bleaching: report

Another survey dive mission on key tourism reefs in the Cairns area have revealed that these reefs have avoided the worst of the damage in the recent mass coral bleaching event. Read more

23rd May 2016

Harnessing the market to reduce coastal run-off

An experiment under the NESP Tropical Water Quality Hub has indicated that a nitrogen trading scheme could be effective in reducing agricultural runoff impacts on the Great Barrier Reef. Read more

11th April 2016

Another honour for the far north

As the first of David Attenborough’s TV program on the Great Barrier Reef aired last night, an Aboriginal art book by a Cairns artist and author, Munganbana Norman Miller, and Adelaide based RenBro Publishing, is the proud recipient of a Bronze Medal from the internationally prestigious and globally recognized Independent Publisher Book Awards – IPPY Awards 2016. The book’s Bronze Medal has been awarded under the IPPY’s National Category of Multicultural Non-fiction Adult which is for the overall medalists and includes entrants from UK, US, Aus/NZ, and Europe. This is an outstanding achievement for Munganbana as a longstanding artist of note. Read more

8th April 2016

Bleaching survey results in for Cairns dive tourism sites

The first detailed up-close bleaching surveys of reefs in the Cairns-Lizard Island area have been completed, and results show that the key tourism sites off Cairns have escaped the worst of the severe bleaching. Read more

6th April 2016

What do we do about coral bleaching?

The northern Great Barrier Reef is experiencing one of the worst mass bleaching events on record. Here’s how researchers and managers are working to help the Reef endure and recover from bleaching and other threats. Read more

18th March 2016

Crown of Thorns cull passes 400,000

New technologies and techniques have allowed control divers to remove 400,000 Crown of Thorns Starfish from the Great Barrier Reef and protect the $7 billion tourism industry dependent on it. Read more

18th December 2015

Tropical expertise developing communities on Australia’s borderlands

Severe drought is pushing communities to breaking point on Australi…….a’s borderlands however the tropical expertise of organisations based in Cairns are helping communities in this region develop. Read more

12th October 2015

Treaty Village aid program improving lives on Australian-PNG border

As the 30th Anniversary of the Australian and PNG Torres Strait Treaty is celebrated, an Australian-funded development aid program in Papua New Guinea’s south is producing real results, with compelling human stories emerging from the program. Read more

8th September 2015

Workshop helps set guide research on Crown Of Thorns Starfish

Outbreaks of Crown Of Thorns Starfish (COTS) have been identified as one of top three threats to the health of the Great Barrier Reef and the $5 billion tourism industry it supports. Read more

21st August 2015

Jellyfish workshop brings together scientists, stakeholders

The excruciating pain inflicted by a box jellyfish sting can really ruin a swim in the warm waters of tropical far north Queensland and it’s notoriously difficult to predict where swarms of the venomous marine organisms might suddenly appear. Read more

7th August 2015

Community Rangers ready to help develop PNG Villages with Australian-funded training

The original drafting of the Great Barrier Reef Aquaculture Regulations, did what they were meant to do protect the Great Barrier Reef and the biosecurity for the aquaculture industry. As the then-Director for Water Quality at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, it was my job to draft these Regulations. Read more

21st July 2015

Give aquaculture a fair go

The original drafting of the Great Barrier Reef Aquaculture Regulations, did what they were meant to do protect the Great Barrier Reef and the biosecurity for the aquaculture industry. As the then-Director for Water Quality at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, it was my job to draft these Regulations. Read more

10th July 2015

Training program boosts employment and protects Reef at the same time
A federally-funded training program has helped boost youth employment in Cairns and protect the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) simultaneously, with a group of young locals receiving Certificate III’s in Tourism and Occupational Diving and also culling the coral eating Crown of Thorns Starfish (COTS) at the same time. Read more

2nd July 2015

Healthy reef more important than fishing or shipping: residents and visitors
The health of the Great Barrier Reef is more important to residents and tourists than its recreational or commercial uses, according to new research. Read more

29th June 2015

RRRC welcomes funding to fight coral-eating monster starfish
The Reef and Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC) is welcoming the announcement of $7 million to control populations of the coraleating Crown of Thorns Starfish (COTS) on the Great Barrier Reef. Read more