• Delivering increased sustainability for tropical species and ecosystems, and the industries and communities that depend
    upon them
  • A powerful all-of-system approach – from the rainforested mountains, through stream catchments, wetlands and estuaries,
    to the sea, islands and coral reefs
  • Targeted science to help mitigate and adapt to climate change
  • The RRRC acts in partnership with established research providers and Indigenous organisations and communities

Management and Delivery

  • Successfully communicating Reef health and management science to students along the Great Barrier Reef coast and beyond
  • The ‘new wave’ in research management
  • Scientific knowledge brokers helping to solve environmental problems for tropical environments and communities,
    including North Queensland, Torres Strait and the Pacific region
  • A unique engagement framework in which researchers and end users collaboratively define and implement
    solution-focused science
  • A strong emphasis on partnerships, outcomes and delivery


  • The unique engagement framework of the RRRC involves more than 38 organisations – government agencies,
    industries including tourism and fisheries, primary producers, community groups and Indigenous bodies.
    See the partnerships section to find out more.