RRRC’s community engagement and project management skills are at the forefront of a professional team engaged in community capacity building in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.


The Bougainville community faces many challenges as it emerges from the 1990 crisis that, over the duration of the civil war, saw more than 10,000 people killed and the economy collapse. Mining activity has left a legacy of environmental degradation and social disharmony.


RRRC and the Bougainville community have established a partnership arrangement for RRRC to work with the community to develop skills and capacity building programs to enable community members to enter into the emerging economy. RRRC still support the Bougainville community to achieve its goals of a vibrant and diverse modern economy underpinned by strong cultural traditions.


RRRC’s program management will safeguard the well-being of both Bougainville’s environment and community. RRRC will support the community in achieving financial security through the re-skilling of the labour force to take up the opportunity of mine employment; assist with the remediation of previous environment degradation and prevention of future damage; and help improve community services through the installation of social development programs, in the areas of health and education.