Support from Research End Users

“AMPTO has been involved in research through the CRC Reef for many years and finds the working relationship we now have with the RRRC the best we have had with a research group. The responsiveness of the RRRC to our requests and the willingness to provide information back to the industry is unprecedented and good for the industry in general.

AMPTO has given and will continue to give the RRRC strong support and would consider the loss of the RRRC as a blow for the Industry’s ability to directly influence the type of research undertaken.”

Mr. Col McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer
Association for Marine Park Tourism Operators (AMPTO)

“The RRRC has ensured that research is focused, culturally sensitive and appropriate for the Torres Strait with management that is organised for delivery, synthesised and provides effective means of knowledge repatriation. This is essential in an environment which involves communities that have previously been very skeptical of researchers and the perception that they are knowledge takers.The Torres Strait Regional Authority holds strong support for the RRRC which as an organisation has proven that well managed research programs can have a positive impact on the Torres Strait communities and environment.”

Mr. Damien Miley, Chief Executive Officer
Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA)

As the North Queensland tourism industry matures, there is increasing recognition of the need for research that can be used to improve the industry’s economic and environmental sustainability. However, we have found conventional research agencies difficult to deal with as they commonly fail to deliver information or products that actually meet our needs. By contrast, the end user-driven model of research management espoused by the RRRC is one which is proving capable of delivering useful information in a timely fashion. The tourism industry was a strong supporter of the RRRC at its formation, and continues to benefit from the consortium’s emphasis on delivering for end users.”

Mr. John Courtenay
On behalf of the Alliance for Sustainable Tourism